Ribbons of Hope

Maggie's True Story of Help & Hope for Teen Suicide Prevention
Maggie makes a decision to get out of her life-long 'comfort zone of depression' after having thoughts of suicide. She goes to a treatment center that helps her learn how to change, live differently, and reach out to people for help. A 'white ribbon assignment' from her therapist helps her find peace and hope.

Ask the Question

Kurt's True Story of Help & Hope for College Suicide Prevention
At a college party, Kurt and his friends become concerned that another friend is at risk for killing himself...but they are not sure. So they ask the question-have you thought about suicide? Kurt decides that it is important to wake up a social worker and risk the possibility of offending a friend by intervening and referring him to help.

Good Friends Are Essential

Zach's True Story of Help & Hope for College Suicide Prevention
As a college student, Zach was buying a ring for a girlfriend when she broke up with him. This loss, heavy drinking and isolation put him into a depression downward spiral. His thoughts of suicide and depression got better when he stopped drinking, got physically active and realized that good friends are essential.

Always Tell Someone

Krista's True Story of Help & Hope for Teen Suicide Prevention
Krista got a late night call from a friend when she was in middle school. The friend's talk of disappearing and thinking that people would be better off without her made Krista think her friend might kill herself. She talked to her mother and to the school counselor. Her friend got help, and Krista realizes that " it never, ever hurts to tell an adult -- always tell someone!

You Can Never Count The Stars

Shania & Sydney's True Story of Help & Hope
Shania becomes depressed and has thoughts of suicide after being bullied and going off her medication. She gets help from her sister, Sydney, her mother, counseling and love and help from her family. Her true story emphasizes that help is available and help works for depression and suicide prevention.


Help and hope: Fighting depression

help and hope, fighting depression

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts PSA

Helping Those Who Need Hope


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DFW Showcases the Outrageous Fashion Show